Civic Association EATB.CZ

The idea of Civic Association EATB.CZ was born in 2003 when EATB (European Association of Tissue Banks) addressed Association´s founders and asked them to organize 13th International Congress of EATB in October 2004 in Prague.

The Association´s aims:

  • development of cooperation in the field of transplant medicine
  • contact development among specialists in the field of transplant medicine to widen experience and knowledge exchange
  • support of scientific and publication activities in the field of transplant medicine

The Civic Association was registered by the Czech republic Ministry of Inner Affairs, on 1st April, 2004.

Bank Account:
Česká spořitelna a.s., Štefánkova 17/247, Praha 5
000000 – 0138861399 / 0800
IBAN CZ62 0800 0000 0001 3886 1399

Realized events